Monday, November 21, 2005

Thanksgiving Stuff

I don't want to get into writing all kinds of sappy this and that about time that I remember when I was a child. About times that I traced my hand with a crayon and colored it in to look like a turkey. About time that my family sat together and shared things that we were all thankful for. There has always been an alternative reason that makes this holiday my favorite.

There are various religions that find reasons to celebrate events in their histories. Many celebrate different ways. Some may choose to recognize and not formally celebrate at all. I think it's safe to say that Christmas is a front-running holiday when it comes to recognition. By that I mean other religions know what it is or at least that it exists. The Jewish faith has their celebrations, Asian religions may embrace the Tete holiday. We may find people that connect with the the nature of the Ramadan. I think that it is a safer bet still that we could find such people living through out the United States.

What I love about Thanksgiving though, is that it is blind to such circumstances. There is no religion or set of beliefs to which one must subscribe. You could believe in the birth of Christ, Buddah, Muhammad, or what ever gives you comfort. Hell, go outside and worship a maple tree if it suits you. But anyone who chooses to do so may recognize Thanksgiving without the cognative dissonance (you know, that nasty feeling in your gut when something just doesn't feel right?) of separating one's self from one's beliefs.


Blogger Katrina said...

i.... except for the Indians. I am not sure they are big fans of Thanksgiving.

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