Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Top 5 Reasons Vick Will Never Play Again

With the host of information that has swallowed Michael Vick in the past 3 months, you would have to be blind and deaf while living under a rock in a dark cave somewhere not to know what's going on. But in case someone out there doesn't know what's going on, here's the scenario; the man's in a whole host of trouble for his involvement of illegal dog fighting. That's the Reader's Digest version, and the rest of the charges surrounding him only make his situation worse.

You can ask people all through the sports reporting world what is going to happen to Vick in the future. After all, he is looking at a 12-18 prison sentence for starters. The presiding judge, however, has the right to give him up to 5 years for his transgressions. Now keep in mind, this man risked up to 5 years in prison to gamble on illegal activities. Vick is the first man in the history of the NFL to sign a 9 figure contract making him the "Hundred Million Dollar Man". And while what has happened off the field has made me nearly ill both as a dog lover and a human being, he is an absolutely electrifying athlete. The man is lightning fast with a cannon for an arm. And if you've never seen a Falcons game, that's really too bad because chances are, you're never going to see him play again...ever. Here's the top 5 reasons why.

5. Time now: Vick has not been in training camp with the Falcons for some time now at the request of the NFL. His plea will not be entered officially until the 27th. So chances are he won't start serving time until when? Probably after the first of the year. And if the NFL wouldn't let him in training camp with the allegations, they certainly won't let him play after entering a guilty plea.

4. Time removed: To take the snaps for a team requires a certain feel and understanding. There is a reason that quarterbacks take 5,000 practice snaps in camp. After a while of not doing so, the muscle memory breaks down. So this season is spent, he'll likely be serving his sentence through a good part of next season, and lest we forget Commissioner Goddel is going to have his say about all this once the government has their time served. If Pacman Jones got a season suspension for all his exploits, you can probably expect that Vick will get at least another season taken away from him by the commission, if not more, for a federal conviction. He'll have a tall order before him to get back to playing technique.

3. Incoming class: As time goes on, up an comers have shown that they are vastly superior physically to where incoming players were say, 10 years ago. With the passing of time, players are becoming more impressive as physical specimens in a shorter amount of time. Therefore, by the time he gets back on the field, there are likely to be a great number of players who can replace him. (That idea of replacement will revisit us with the number 1 reason)

2. Leadership: It has been speculated that if Vick was clearly in on the dog fighting, what other activities is he involved in that come along with such a criminal element? The fact of the matter is that a quarterback needs to be the leader. He is the face of the team in good times and in bad, in successes and in failures, on and off the field. I can't imagine a team in the league that's going to welcome him into their organization to lead anyone anywhere.

1. He's not that good anyway: Someone somewhere is conducting hate mail to me right now. But think about it; Vick is a stunning, groundbreaking, and electrifying athlete. That doesn't mean he's a great quarterback. Consider what a quarterback does; read the defense, organize your team to manipulate or exploit that defense, deliver the ball, among other things. Does Vick do that? Maybe a little. He can exploit the defense when the pocket collapses with his legs, but not usually prior to the snap like Manning. He can throw the ball a mile, but it's not what you might call accurate, like Palmer. He's not a cool under pressure as Brady. Strictly from an athletic standpoint, none of these 3 quarterbacks are nearly the athlete that Vick is. But Vick will never be the quarterback that these guys are. As new crops of players evolve and enter the league, you can bet that it's the Palmers, Mannings, and Brady's that they will be taught to emulate.

Atlanta thought Vick was the future. A new breed of quarterback. But consider the last time Atlanta was in a Superbowl. Does anyone else remember Chris Chandler and and Jamaal Anserson? No one has thought of them since they day that Superbowl was played. Vick didn't deliver them a championship in spite of his athleticism. It's kind of an "If it ain't broke don't fix it" scenario. But the days of entertainment, flashy and stunning sprints from the pocket, and super tight spirals from the left hand of Atlanta's #7 are probably done for.


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