Monday, January 21, 2008

What I've Learned Today

Today is January 21st, 2008. Interestingly enough, I have probably picked up more little pieces of information today than any other day yet this year. Some of these things I guess I already knew, but I'm going to put them in there just to give a better context of my education.

1. January in Mason, Ohio can be cold.
2. Car batteries never EVER go dead when it's 72 degrees with the sun out.
3. Car batteries never EVER go dead when there are a bunch of people hanging out around you near by...
4. ...neither do cell phones.
5. January in Mason, Ohio can be cold.
6. Car batteries are never located in plain, easy to get to, out in the open places in your car. There is always some brace, swing arm, really stiff hose, or other anomoly waiting to make the replacement of the battery just a little more interesting.
7. Cold weather makes for cold wrenches.
8. Cold wrenches make for cold hands.
9. Fine motor skills go to hell when your hands are cold.
10. January in Mason, Ohio can be cold.
11. A 10 mm crescent wrench is the ONLY tool you need to swap a dead battery out of a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse.
12. A 10 mm ratchet works a whole lot better.
13. A battery that is not quite as long and the cradle on which it sits will still fit in an operate the vehicle just fine, so long as it will fit width-wise.
14. Battery terminal grease as well as small felt rings around the battery terminal will prohibit corrosion of the leads, extending the battery's life.
15. This morning confirms that I did not miss my calling as a football handicapper, nor a Monday morning Quarterback.


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This one made me laugh

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