Wednesday, March 19, 2008

DWTS pt.2

Last night the 6 competing women took the stage, and while amateurs themselves, made the men look particularly weak.

Shannon Elizabeth got things started for the ladies dancing with retruning professional, Derek Hough. Shannon looked the part in her outfit, and didn't do too badly all in all. She was a little bit stiff at a few points, and apparently not all that flexible of a girl which was made evident at a few points in her routine. Of course, it's not really her fault that Derek chose to have her do moves that required a certain level of flexability, but it didn't help her cause a great deal. Meanwhile, Derek's grin through the highlights of their training said without words "I've seen you naked in a move...I've seen you naked in a movie." She isn't a strong choice to win, but she'll hang around for a while.

Grand Slam tennis champ Monica Seles was set to perform with last year's professional finalist, Jonathan Roberts. Unfortunately, she struggled. She tried her best, but she was so nervous she was almost shaking at one point and nearly crying at another. She was awarded stright 5's, and while I don't think she'll be around much longer, she was MILES ahead of Adam Carolla who received stright 5's the night before.

Marissa Jaret Winokur was clearly vibrant and full of life. But she is, I'm sorry to say, on the larger side, and I think that will only allow for a certain level of grace. Honestly, while she was sweet and bubbly, it got a little old rather quickly. Again, she won't bring it home, but she'll compel the others around her to be better.

Priscilla Presley was rather impressive, if you can put aside the fact that her face is starting to look like Michael Jackson. She was very composed and elegant. Her partner, Louis van Amstel, did a great job with the routine's choreography allowing Priscilla to dance within herself the whole time. We'll be seeing her for a while.

Oscar winner Marlee Matlin was amazing. She dancing a very smooth routine, easily as smooth as the rest of the women, and lest we forget that she's deaf and can't hear the music. Carrie Ann made it clear that they were going to remove as much passion for her situation as possible to try to judge purely on talent. Fair is fair, but I think the judges over compensated a bit by giving her straight 7's. She deserved and 8 in there somewhere.

Kristi Yamaguchi brought the house down. Maybe she has an advantage being a figure skater, but don't forget, she never skated with a partner. She was elegant, smooth, confident, and enjoyed herself. She got straight 9's, outscoring everyone in the field regardless of gender. The judges even admitted as much as they had to really look for faults in order not to score her a 10. Like Mario, she may have set the bar a little to high a little too fast. But she is going to do some real damage to the field in short order.


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