Tuesday, April 15, 2008

DWTS Update

Last night was the night that was supposed to start to separate the good from the less good, with the highly anticipated Latin round. Sambas and Rumbas abounded as the contestants were put to a test marked by shaking and gyrating.

Mario had a bit of a comeback this week after taking it on the chin two weeks in a row, particularly out of Len, and landing in the bottom two couples. Latin dance seemed to agree with him however, allowing him to cut loose a bit and improvise a little more. After the first week, I thought he would be one of the finalists, but I may have to reverse my field on that now. He seems to have some difficulty with keeping moves and lines clean and sharp, which will really start to catch up with him once they whittle down the numbers a bit farther.

Cristian was a little above average. He seems to be flying right under the radar the whole time. I think the Cheryl continues to be his biggest obstacle. Yes Cheryl, we know you’re good. We all know that you won this thing twice, and there’s all kinds of other stuff you’ve won in your young career. But when she dances, she is so dramatic about her movements that no matter how good he gets, he’s still going to look like he’s not keeping up.

The majority of the ladies seemed to run across a multitude of issues this week. Priscilla managed to do the splits, not bad for someone who’s 147, but she missed Louis’ hand a few times coming out of turns and just didn’t seem to do a whole lot. Marissa seemed thrilled about the idea of being able to cut loose and shake, but she seemed to have a hard time reeling it in. She just looked out of control the whole time.

Shannon was all right…that’s about it. She was just all right. She’s got to be the least graceful good-looking woman I have ever seen. Also, she is totally out of breath at the end of every performance. I realize the jive was high impact, but last night was pretty mellow, and last week’s Viennese waltz also had her gassed. I’m thinking she’s got to be a 2 pack a day smoker or something. On a side note, Derek is one of my favorite pros on this show. I think he’s a lot of fun to watch, and his goofiness makes him very endearing. But whenever they are working on something in practice that is supposed to be “passionate” he gets this silly little grin on his face and I can almost guarantee he is thinking “I’ve TOTALLY seen this girl naked in American Pie.”

This was the first week that Marlee seemed to really struggle. Some of the movements and directions associated with them seemed to get lost in translation somewhere between her teacher, her interpreter, and her. I really appreciate the inspiration that she’s been on this show, and she’s been better than most until now. However, when you can’t hear, starting a routine with your back to the person you are dancing with becomes quite and issue when you can’t hear a beat to start on. Last night was the first time I think that being deaf really caught up with her.

Not to be outdone, Jason and Kristy blew it up again. Well, not as much as they had in past weeks, but enough to once again lead the pack. Jason is one of the more graceful people I have ever seen on this show, professionals aside of course. He is smoother than most of the female stars this season. Carrie Ann said he needed to find something to do with his hands when at his sides and not being placed. And Len said that the choreography featured Edyita a little too much, and not quite enough of him. Bruno was Bruno. Straight 9’s for the NFL Man of the Year.

Kristy once again took a 29, not quite able to get that perfect score. Actually it’s not that she’s no yet able, but not it seems very obvious that she set the bar too high too fast, and the judges seem to be taking turns to be the one to give her the 9 between the other 10’s. They are going to scrutinize her the way they have been, which is harder than the other competitors. My only problem with her performance was that I didn’t get anything particularly Latin out of it. She danced to a well-performed John Mayer song, not Latin… she had a flowing blue dress on, and while it made her look fabulous, not Latin… and the tempo of the dance, while well choreographed, was mellow. Not Latin. None of that however, is her fault, and all that said she was wonderful from start to finish.

My guess would have been that Priscilla would be departing this evening, but she has a lot of staying power just based on the fact that everyone knows who she is. I’m thinking either Marlee or Marissa will be taking their leave tonight.


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