Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Elimination 3

Last night was the end of the road for another brave soul who would undertake the tribulations of the underground world of ballroom dancing. But the real story of the night, at least the way I saw it, was the performance of the special guests that joined the show.

Last night Sheryl Crow came out to perform a few songs which was all well and good, but more impressive were the up and comers. They stars and pros were joined by 2 new couples with an average age of 8.25 years. Yes, that means they had kids dancing on the results show. And dance they did. The first couple kicked off the presentation with a wonderful Rumba to the classic Disney song, Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid. The second couple danced a magnificent Paso Doble before the judges, audience, and millions of viewers. Make no mistake about it, these kids were no joke. The boys in particular were every single speck as good as the stars that are trying to learn the routines this season. And yes I know these kids have had more experience than this season’s stars, but seriously, they’re 8. What’s more, and it’s kind of an afterthought but important nonetheless were the costumes. They were very tasteful, as were the dance moves. Everything was tasteful and consistently appropriate considering the age of the performers.

With a tie atop the leader board for the best score of the week, Jason and Kristi were both quickly saved from elimination and will dance again next week. No real surprise there. The lights came on to signify the bottom 2, and the red hue was cast on Adam and Julianne and Priscilla and Louis. And with the lowest combined scores, we bid adieu to Adam Carolla. It’s too bad on one hand. He was, if nothing else entertaining. And he was making some progress as a dancer. But it was clear that he wasn’t moving along quickly enough to keep pace with the rest of the field. He was gracious in his defeat, encouraging all people to try to embrace something they are scared to do.

So far, the only thing that has been a surprise is how fast the leaders have reached scores as high as they are. Last season, we had at least one major upset in the early exit of Sabrina Bryan. But so far, so real shockers. Assuming the consistent level of progression that we’ve seen so far, and assuming no one trips and falls, exposes themselves to the audience, or just doesn’t show up, I think we’re going to see Marissa in the bottom two alongside Priscilla. Mario is on that block too if he doesn’t raise his game a bit. Len pointed out some lackluster moves last week, and the judges are starting to take notice of his opinion.


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