Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Week 2 Elimination

The second elimination was handed down last night, and while unfortunate, I can’t say that I am surprised at the results. Names were called and the music played with the perilous red light shining all around the contestants. But in the end, we bid farewell to Steve Guttenberg.

I have to say that generally I’m not that big a fan of the elimination episodes. I’m always curious to see who is staying and going, but the rest of the show tends to be kind of dull. Last night however, they did well to keep it interesting. Julianne and Mark came out and danced to a live performance by Kylie Minogue, and they showed exactly why it they are the professionals.

Monday night’s performances were all in all, kind of lack luster. It seemed that the competitors on the lower scoring end in weeks past elevated their performances in a consistent manner, while everyone at the top of the food chain struggled. Jason Taylor was all right. Not bad, but certainly not as good as he was last week. I’m not sure if the jive just didn’t suit him with his size, if he was resting on his laurels, or if Edyta pushed him too far outside his comfort zone. And a hectic work schedule played into a mediocre performance by Mario. To be fair though, they were still better than the rest, by and large. It’s more a case of them having been so good in the first 2 weeks that any shortcoming was obvious.

Monday was also the first night Kristi looked like a mere mortal. She still took the highest score of the week, scoring straight 9’s from each judge. By the end of the competition, it will be difficult to tell who is the actual professional, Mark or Kristi.

For those who missed it, Jonathan Roberts and Steve Guttenberg had the most memorable tango…together… in the first ever Man-go. Steve’s partner, who is also Jonathan’s wife, was stricken with the flu while in training, and to keep Steve from missing too much training time, Jonathan came to his aid and danced the ladies part of a tango. It wasn’t a saving grace for Steve, but the live performance of the first even Man-go was one for the books.
Next week will bring another elimination. And this is the first time so far this season that I don’t think there’s a clear cut looser. In terms of talent, I think Marissa or Adam will have to be on the block next. But Christian better be careful sitting on the bubble.


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