Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Smoking Gas

Gas prices are at an all time high! Yeah, we still know. And I don’t want to harp on it over and over again because as far as I’m concerned, it’s making the worst of a bad situation. But I noticed something interesting yesterday while driving out, or rather pulling into the parking lot of a softball park. Here’s what it was…

There were a lot of diesel trucks in the lot. Actually, diesel-powered vehicles were probably in the majority. And a good number of these vehicles were outfitted with construction company or landscape logos. That makes sense right? People in these fields need the power that is offered in a diesel engine. Now, please excuse the generality, but there is another common trait shared by the people in these fields is that they tend to smoke. I’m not here to make social or medical commentary about the health risks associated with tobacco. But what I noticed was this; the average cost nationwide for a gallon of diesel is $4.24. The average cost for a pack of cigarettes in the state of Ohio is $4.21.

My question is this; when confronted with the necessity of fuel in comparison to the addiction and dependence upon cigarettes, what wins?


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