Monday, June 02, 2008

Creative Marketing

I’ve worked in sales almost exclusively since I graduated from college. The more time I spend in a sales-related field, the more I start to notice marketing catch phrases, trends, and speech. These terms are probably the most prevalent when dealing with used cars. A ’94 Civic is a “used car” while a ’98 Infinity is probably a “previously owned vehicle”.

Stuff like that cracks me up. But what really caught my attention was when I was online this afternoon looking up wedding registries. We have a few friends getting married this summer, and I was looking up their registries online. On Macy’s home page, they have all this Father’s Day stuff and watches were one of the featured items. So my eyes wandered and I had a look at what they were offering, and thus was the Everest of marketing catch phrases.

Anything under roughly $250-300 was a “watch”. The mid-upper $300 range were “chronographs”, and that will run you in some cases up to $1,000. But no one would ever condescend to call a Rolex , Omega , Bulgari, or Piaget a watch or a chronograph. Oh no. These are “timepieces”.

Creative marketing at it’s finest.


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