Monday, July 14, 2008

Rodgers' Role in Green Bay

Again, I’ve been a bad blogger. I haven’t posted anything on this site in some time now…shame on me. I’ve been paying more attention to the other site that I put stuff on about cooking and such, and quite honestly, I have had some writer’s block on that one too. But in watching ESPN this morning while getting ready for work, and then reading while at work, my writer’s block was suddenly alleviated…at least for today.

Unless you’ve been totally blind to the wide world or sports, you’ve probably heard about the Brett Favre debacle in Green Bay. If not, here’s the recap; I want to officially and permanently retire… I’ve got an itch to play again… I want to come back. This is not the first time that Brett has run the okey-doke end-around on the Packers as an organization.

Highlights; 3 MVP awards, 2 rings, 422 TD passes (most all-time), 61,655 passing yards (most all-time), 5,377 completions (most all-time), 8,758 passing attempts (most all-time), 253 consecutive regular season starts with 275 in a row if you count the post-season (do I even have to say it at this point?). Just to round it all out, he also has more career wins than any QB ever with 160.

Is Brett Favre the greatest ever to play the position? History probably won’t remember him as the greatest. But there is no doubt that he will go down as one of the most exalted, hardest working, and certainly the most durable ever. Maybe it really is time to let it all be done? Maybe Brett really feels like he's got one more comeback in him? Maybe he should ask Michael Jordan about one too many comebacks.

Brett Favre’s transcendence into immortality isn’t really what I sat down to write about this morning. What gets my attention is what has to be the looming frustration of one Aaron Rodgers, Favre’s heir-apparent. This guy was drafted in the first round of the ’05 draft. Right now, he has exactly one more professional touchdown pass than I do. But this kid has been jerked every which way but loose for several seasons now while waiting for his time to shine… or at the very least, play. So far, he’s been classy in his public image as it pertains to the Favre controversy while he has to be frustrated and who could blame him.

Rodgers has been a virtual unknown. Who would want to turn a franchise over to an unknown and unproven 24 year-old? Worked out pretty well for Dallas when they handed off the controls to an undrafted free agent who no one ever heard of before names Tony Romo. Or maybe we should ask the city of Pittsburgh about how Ben Roethlisberger was actually going to be third string behind Charlie Batch and Tommy Maddox? I think that turned into a 13-0 starting record as a ROOKIE. And who’s that guy that now runs the show in New England? The Tom guy? Picked 199 in the NFL compensatory draft, now a first-ballot HOF quarterback.
I’m not saying that Rodgers is the next any of these guys. I’m not saying he’s going to step right in and fill the role of field general like Favre. What I am saying is that he’s waited. He’s paid his dues. He’s going to get smacked in the mouth and driven to the ground. He’s going to make mistakes. He’s going to throw interceptions. By the way, Mr. Invincible Favre himself also holds the record for most interceptions thrown 288. What I am saying is that after 4 seasons a waiting, he’s earned his chance to stand on his own and lead a team.


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