Thursday, September 25, 2008

The First Eliminations of Season 7

With two eliminations in the first week, the scoring system managed to get it half right. No one should be at all surprised to see Jeff Ross get bounced. Why is that you ask? Well, there are two reasons for his dismissal. One, he wasn’t good, and two, no one knows who he is. Actually, that’s not really a fair statement. I’m sure he has his following, but no one who follows him watches this show…apparently.

The second elimination forced us to bid farewell to Ted McGinley, and I have to say that I disagree with this one. He’s not all that well known by the people who would watch this show it would seem. But the fact of the matter is that he was pretty good. No, he was not going to catch up with Brooke Burke, who turned in the season’s highest score with a 9 on her second dance. But he was miles ahead of Cloris or Kim.

Speaking of Cloris and Kim, wow…they both sucked it up. Not only did Cloris suck it up, but she doesn’t know when or how to be quiet. Even her partner seems to be getting irritated with her yappiness. And Kim? For crying out loud she pretty much just stood there. I can’t believe wasn’t ousted.

I still support Rocco, and his second dance was much stronger than his first. But he’s going to have to come strong to ensure his survival. He’s fighting some professional obscurity from people who don’t know about or watch cooking shows. Of course, I’m hoping that the people who like reality cooking shows also enjoy this one. So do work son. By the way, when he first met his partner, he presented her with a plate of hand-made fettuccini with black truffles, which she seemed a little bit confused by and maybe a little irritated about eating. Think she knew that was probably a $60 plate of food that he started the day before?


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