Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Season Premiere

The newest season of Dancing With the Stars is now upon us. Last night we welcomed the 2-hour premiere and were introduced for the first time to this season’s stars.

Here are the quick highlights and lowlights…

Lance and Lacey: They danced well, and he could be particularly dangerous in this competition. Too bad his partner is going to push the limits of the rules and they’re going to get dinged for it week in and week out until she reels it in a little.

Brooke and Derek: She looked great all the way around. Good costume, good dancing, good everything it takes to be on the show for quite a while.

Toni and Alec: She was better than I thought. She was elegant and moved very well. But I’m curious to know how that’s going to translate in the Latin rounds.

Rocco and Karina: Well, he didn’t fall down or use and ethnic slur, so true to my last installment, I gave him some votes. But I could not, in good conscience, give him all of my votes. He’ll be back in the kitchen soon, I’m sure.

Maurice and Cheryl: He was all right, but he won’t be around long. True to history, Cheryl shook her head and threw her hair a lot while her partner stood there watching. She also looked like she put on some weight.

Kim and Mark: In the training video, she was totally uncoordinated and clumsy. I figured she’d trip and fall into the crowd at some point. But she held it together, and she looked pretty good. I think her scandalous side will come out though. And Len won’t like it.

Cloris and Corky: Yes, this is the worst named team on the show, and the oldest with a combined age of 124 give or take a year…no kidding. She managed to hoist her leg on to the judge’s table. Not bad for an 82 year-old, but still not appropriate. She did some begging and pleading, then showed that she had a mouth like a sailor. Thanks for playing. Enjoy your AARP benefits and 4 pm dinners.

Cody and Julianne: He still irritates me for some reason, but he did a nice job. And all in all, she’s my favorite girl on the show. I just wish she were paired with someone else. They’ll be around a while, but not enough teenie boppers who know who he is are going to watch and vote to keep him until the end.

Susan and Tony: Poor thing needs a sandwich. As far as the judge’s scores go, I don’t think she can hang. But she’s got a fan base that is huge and I’m betting a lot of people that like their “stories” like this show.

Misty and Maks: She was good, but I still don’t know why everyone thinks she’s so hot? Hell, he’s prettier than she is. Again, she’ll be strong with the judges, but I don’t think her fan base will watch the show to vote and keep her on.

Ted and Inna: He has the potential to do very well in the ballroom rounds, but I think he’s going to struggle with the Latin dances.

Jeffrey and Edyta: Dude, stick to jokes. This is the reincarnation of Adam Carolla.

Warren and Kym: Everyone that I’ve talked to seems surprised that he was so good? Personally, I’m not surprised in the least. He could always move for a big man, and he’s going to do some real damage in this competition. Also, he has some history on his side. Historically, football players have been very strong on this show.

Second dances are tonight at 9. Tomorrow, 2 couples will be eliminated.


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Great comments. You had me cracking up.


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