Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The First 10 of the Season

It seems to me like the producers of Dancing With the Stars really learned something from last season, and that is to pick contestants with a longer learning curve. We are down to 9 people in the contest now, and I can only imagine the nerves and concern and emotion going through their minds. It would seem wrong to sit and criticize from a far…but let’s do it anyway.

Susan Lucci looked pretty good last night. But 61-year-old joints can only take so much movement and jostling no matter how good they may look. But unless she falls down, takes a swing at a judge, or exposes herself on national TV, she’ll be around for another week or two.

Lance Bass gave his best performance yet in my opinion. They followed the rules and tried to cater to what the judges wanted. He still didn’t get great marks, but he’s moving in the right direction. The frustrating part is that his lack of success so far isn’t him, it’s his partner/teacher. I don’t think she’ll be back next season.

Maurice Green is doing pretty well. His partner just annoys me.

Warren Sapp looks super smooth. He is easily one of the most natural performers on the dance floor, and has learned very quickly. He also has a great personality and is very likeable. I think he’s a virtual lock for the final two or three.

Cody Linley needs a big ol’ dose of act right. He looked pretty good until he thought it was in his best interest to play his partner’s leg like a guitar. He still irritates me, but he’s got all the tools to do some real damage in this contest. To bad he, himself is a tool.

Toni Braxton should’ve done a whole lot better. Len said it best, that gimmicks and props were the last ditch efforts of desperate dancers who just aren’t that good in the first place, and those just aren’t things that she needs.

Cloris Leachman did a freaking crab walk with her partner, who incidentally said that he has to create choreography around what she is able to do…or not do. Oh yeah, she STILL can’t shut up. Time to go.

Rocco DiSpirito…well he’s trying. I truly believe that he’s doing the best he possibly can. He’s not taking himself too seriously, which is good. But I don’t think he’s going to be able to keep up the pace to stay ahead of the curve for much longer. He’s going to have to rely on people screwing up rather than him getting better. He’s still got my votes, most of them anyway. But were it not for the fact that Cloris was completely retarded this week, he’d probably be on his way out…and he still may.

Brooke Burke was just lovely. She looked great, danced well, everything. She took the highest scores of the season so far, including the fist 10 which came from Len. Although after seeing the behind the scenes stuff, I’m a little surprised that she didn’t smack Derek in his fresh little mouth. I’ve always liked him on this show, but when he used the phrase “No I’m not going to hear you right now because I’m the one who knows what he’s doing” he would’ve deserved a slap.

Misty May Treanor has taken her leave. A rupture in her Achilles tendon has forced her out of the competition and into surgery. In showing the injury taking place, you could actually hear that rupture take place over the music being played. Yeah, it was that bad. I don’t think that she had the juice to win, but she was going to go a long way, most likely the final 4 or so. But hopefully she enjoyed the time she had on the show, and her volleyball career won’t be too badly curtailed.


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