Tuesday, November 04, 2008

And Then There Were 6...

Last night added an interesting twist to the competition. Of course the remaining contestants performed one dance with their partner. But then they were broken into two teams of six (3 pros and 3 celebs) and performed a group dance. There was team Cha Cha Cha, and team Paso Doble. But we’ll get back to that…

Warren for the first time looked like he was really struggling. His Foxtrot was competent, but boring. Actually, he looked like he was fighting off an illness or working through an injury. He’s still strong, but last night just wasn’t hit best.

Susan Lucci just looked confused, particularly in the group dance. She did pretty well with her Paso Doble. But considering we’re down to six people, she’s rearranging furniture on a sinking ship.

Maurice Greene came strong. He was entertaining and confident. He only checked in with a 25 though. I think he deserved a little better, but considering some of the other semi-dull performances of the evening, his score was high enough that he should live to dance again.

Cody Linley is still on my nerves. However, I thought he put together a very nice routine considering he had to switch partners and dance with someone he didn’t know. And for the matter, he had to learn and perform two dances with her. I still don’t think he has the firepower to go all the way, but it would be a real shame to dismiss him on the week that he was made to work with a new partner

Lance Bass needs to drop the hammer on his partner and in short order. Stop pushing the envelope, rebelling, trying to stand out for all the wrong reasons, or whatever the hell you think you’re doing, and just dance. Last night I thought their Rumba was very nice. But Lacey decided the gimmick of the week was to do it barefoot. Why? Len had enough and dropped the hammer on them scoring them 2 points less than either of the other two judges. His comment was that “you don’t need that nonsense”. And he has a point. Lance should be a strong contender for the finals if his partner doesn’t get him bounced just for the sake of being different.

Brooke Burke was fantastic turning in the first perfect score of the year. She deserved every single point of it too. All of the judges, Tom, Samantha, and her own partner all said that there were points in the routine that they didn’t know that she wasn’t a professional…and they’re totally right.

The group dances were a fun addition. Team Cha Cha Cha was Cody, Lance, and Susan with their respective partners. They, umm….well….they sucked. They were rarely in synch with anything they did, and Susan just looked flat out confused? She looked like she had no idea where to go or how to get there. Or for that matter what to do once she was there. Lance and Lacey were the highlight in their brief solo routine and were told so by the judges, further illustrating the fact that YOU SHOULD STOP REBELLING AND JUST DANCE! That’s right, I’m looking at you Lacey!

Team Paso was really impressive. They were entertaining, had fun, looked great. They were just flat out better and there was no contest. Putting Warren and Brooke, historically the two most consistent competitors of the season on the same team hardly seemed fair. But Warren and Susan were the team captains, therefore allowing them to choose their teams. They blew it up with a 29.


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