Friday, June 05, 2009

Place to Go, People to See

I don’t know why I always seem to write things in lists? Maybe because I think it’s funny, or entertaining. Maybe it’s because that is the way I best quantify and process information. In any event, it’s what I do. So I was thinking the other night, while watching TV, about fictional places I thought were interesting, entertaining, appealing, or impressive. And from that, I started thinking about which of these I might like to visit, were they real. Now, this isn’t quite as hard as you might think, because more and more movies and TV shows are being set in real places. It would be much harder to, say, figure out five or ten characters that you’d like to meet. Of course, that said, that challenge will probably be one of my next posts, so stay tuned.

So here then, are the fictional places I would visit, were they real, or were I fake…

Springfield- I would love to have a Krusty burger, though now that I’ve typed it and read it to myself it actually sounds horrible, and some Lard Lad donuts with Homer and company. While we’re at it, let’s bowl a few frames at the Bowlarama, sit in the shade of the stature of Jebediah Springfield, and throw junk into Shelbyville.

Shermer, Illinois- If you’ve ever seen a John Hughes movie from the mid 80’s, you’ve seen or heard of Shermer, Illinois. All his movies take place there. It’s a magical place, where, according to Jay (Dogma) “all the honeys are top shelf, but the dudes are whiny pu#%ies…except Judd Nelson. He was f&%kinf harsh.”

Alren, Texas- Dale’s Dead Bug, Strickland Propane, and Sugarfoot’s BBQ. Oh yeah, and standing out in the alley with Hank, Bill, Dale, and Boomhauer talking about nothing that matters to anyone. Yup. Yup. Yep. Mm-hmm.

Hogwarts, England- Okay, Hogwarts isn’t really a city per se. But it is most definitely a fictional place, none the less. And to be fair, Hogwarts is really only part of the equation. While there, I’d have to take a trip through Diagon Alley. You know, for supplies and stuff. Black calderon? Check. Owl? Check. Wand? Check. Let’s do this.

Bon Temps, Louisiana- I don’t know what it is about vampires that fascinates people more than any other mystical monster? But for every Frankenstein, Mummy, or Zombie movie or TV show, there’s 5 featuring vampires. Bon Temps in Bernard Parish just barely edged out Forks, Washington. I think True Blood’s Bill is just a little bit cooler than Twilight’s Edward. But I would like to ask the Cullen family why they are able to survive in daylight?


Blogger Katrina Clement said...

You got the last one all wrong. Edward is way better than Bill... and if you read the books like everyone else you will know how they survive in daylight.

12:38 PM  

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