Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Season 10: Elimination 1

Interesting events have transpired in the second week of this season of Dancing With the Stars, to include a near fistfight. Can’t imagine who could have brought THAT much drama to the show? Let’s break it down.

Shannen Doherty danced a jive to follow last week’s waltz. It was okay, not great. But it was about on par for someone who’s never had professional training and had a week to learn. She did all right.

Buzz Aldrin: American Hero. That’s how I’m going to refer to him from now on in this blog. He was a little stiff, a little ridged, he postures were not so great…the man is 80! I thought he was great considering the whole, lack-of-youth thing.

Aiden Turner did a little better this week. His foxtrot was a little choppy and kind of lackluster. He looks uncomfortable, like he’s forcing his chin up and shoulders back to the point where he’s almost looking straight up. Aiden fans get your fill now. He’s only going to be around by default.

Niecy Nash turned in a very nice foxtrot this week. I think that she wasn’t sure how seriously to take this competition a week ago, and has now realized that people, even the stars on this show, are for real. They want to enjoy it, but they all still want to win. She scored right in the middle of the pack, but unlike Aiden, she should probably be around for a little longer then default votes.

Evan Lysacek looked pretty good, but there’s still something uncomfortable about the way he moves? In any event, I still think there’s a lack of connection between himself and his partner, and that’s going to end up being their undoing.

Jake Pavelka…well, I still think he’s a dork, and I still don’t like “The Bacholer”. But from a dancing standpoint, he did pretty well. I still think he’s sorting out a level of comfort balancing his fiancée, or whatever she is at this point, and the time he’s spending with his rather attractive dance partner. One of the highlights of the week was when he said “no Chelsea, I’m not asking you, I’m telling you…we’re not doing that” whatever move it was. And that was promptly met by her telling him “tough shit, I’m the pro here.” Atta girl.

Erin Andrews looked very good, although having her hair up does nothing for her. Her behind the scenes stuff with Maks are going to prove to be entertaining. However, for a woman who looks so elegant, she has kind of masculine motions when she’s not moving in holds. If she irons that out, I think she’ll be dangerous long-term.

Chad…poor Chad. Chad did not look so good. He looked uncomfortable and his posture was really bad throughout the whole routine. What really impressed me though, was that when taking pretty poignant criticism from all three judges, he kept his mouth shut and listened. He knew he didn’t do well, and though never at a loss for words, buttoned up and listened to the experts. He’s not done yet.

Pamela Anderson did a very nice foxtrot with a great homage to Marilyn Monroe. She wasn’t the over-the-top sexpot we’ve seen in the past. She was elegant and graceful, and the judge’s marks, while they could have been a little higher, showed it. She still ended up in the bottom two, though, conclusively demonstrating that her “target audience” clearly doesn’t watch this show.

Kate Gosselin…what a bitch. Usually partners don’t start arguing until week four or five at least. Nope, not Kate. Week two was long enough to wait, complaining, arguing, generally not listening, critiquing Tony on his teachings, etc. Tony is a world champion. He’s taught world champions. He’s taught teachers how to teach world champions. Translation: SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO HIM! Hey, if the show was “How to be a money-seeking media whore” I’m sure he’d listen to you. And apparently, what was shown on TV wasn’t half as bad as the fight actually got. Rumor has it, she started barking at the producers demanding Tony be fired. Woman, get for real.

Nicole Scherzinger was just awesome. With two “10’s” from Carrie Ann and Bruno, and an “8” from Len, she just blew away the competition. Len’s only real critique was that he wanted to see a jive that was a little more classic. This might have been exactly what he got if the producers didn’t change the music on Derek. That said she still blew it up. I think she’s going to have to go down to injury before anyone else really has a shot.

In the end, it was Shannen that received the dubious honor of joining the loser’s club, proving that almost 20 years later, everyone still hates Brenda. However, Kate, Aiden, and Buzz Aldrin: American Hero are sleeping with angels.


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